Master Using Quizzes on to Quiz Yourself All Year Long

MasterGreek.comWhen you do not have the pressures of taking a class, it is easy to get out of the habit of quizzing yourself on Greek parsing, paradigms, and vocabulary. A number of good apps exist to help you to review vocabulary. We now have a quiz module on to help Greek students (and professors) to quiz themselves on Greek parsing.

There are 35 quizzes that cover all of the basic paradigms that Greek students really need. The key is to click on the “Quiz” button and then to log in. That way, you can get a grade on your quizzes and your quiz scores will be saved.

Here is how the scoring works. Each quiz has 20 items. If you score below 70% on the quiz, your score will be red. If you score from 70-80% your score will turn yellow. Once you reach the 80% mark, your quiz will turn green. Green is good. Yellow is okay. Red is not so good. Makes sense, right?

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