15 Reasons Believers in Christ Should Study Theology

  1. open bookTheology helps us to know God better, and by this to enjoy the eternal and abundant life associated with it. John 5:39; 17:3; 1 Tim. 4:16.
  2. Theology helps us to love God as he wants to be loved. Matt. 22:37; Mark 12:30; Luke 10:27; Deut. 6:5; 11:1.
  3. Theology helps us obey God as he wants to be obeyed, and by it to enjoy the blessings of obedience. Josh. 1; Ps. 1; John 7:17
  4. Theology helps us to be faithful eyewitnesses. Acts 13:12
  5. Theology helps us fight against sin. Rom. 6:17
  6. Theology helps us grow up into maturity in wisdom and spirit. Prov. 1:2; Eph. 4:14
  7. Theology helps us tell apart God’s commandments, worship, and doctrine from those of man. Matt. 15:9; 16:12; Col. 2:22
  8. Theology help us understand our identity as the Church. Acts 2:42; 5:28; Rom 16:17
  9. Theology is one of the elements by which God edifies his Church. 1 Cor. 14:6, 26
  10. Theology has been commanded by God to be retained and kept faithfully. 2 Thess. 2:15
  11. Theology is needed to correct false doctrine. 1 Tim. 1:3
  12. Theology helps us be consistent (rationality) in dealing with our faith and behavior. James
  13. Theology helps us in the process of our own salvation and in the salvation of others. 1 Tim. 4:16
  14. Theology identifies the good minister of Jesus. 1 Tim. 4:6
  15. Theology helps us identify ourselves as belonging to Christ or not. 2 John 1:9