Free Bible Study Curriculum for Revelation’s Seven Letters (Rev. 2-3)

Perhaps you would like to study Revelation 2-3 with your Bible study group and you need to find some good study questions that you could use for yourself and your students. I am making available the study questions that I wrote and used in a series of Bible studies at my church. Feel free to use these and copy them. I drew up the questions so that a person could answer them with help from my commentary on Revelation. So, if you are teaching the class, you will want to have a copy of the commentary and recommended it to your motivated students. I hope that you will find these to be useful. To access the study questions related to each of the seven churches, click here. You will notice that I also have on the first few pages some notes that will introduce your students to the book of Revelation and the various views of the book. You can skip over these introductory materials if you would like.

I will also be writing a series of blog posts about the seven letters. The first one will be about the structure of the seven letters that highlights the Thyatira letter, which is the fourth and central letter of the seven.


These Bible study guides relate to my book:

Paul Hoskins, The Book of Revelation: A Theological and Exegetical Commentary.